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Magna Carta for sale

Ross Perot is selling his 13th century copy of Magna Carta, which was issued by Parliament during the reign of Edward I in 1297, and carries the king’s seal.

Perot’s copy of Britain's greatest historical document was on loan to the National Archives in Washington DC. Americans have always taken Magna Carta and its founding rights and liberties very seriously. At the Archives they displayed it alongside the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

Sotheby’s will handle the sale, which is expected to realize £15 million. However, contrary to Sotheby's statements, this version of Magna Carta is not "the most important version, the one that entered English law." Magna Carta entered common law in 1215. Still, it would be a very nice version to have, and I hope someone buys it back for the National Archives.


The Knights who fought for Magna Carta are here.