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New SolarLite, brainchild of fireman, could replace cat's eyes on highways


SolarLite Image: Astucia

Cat's eyes, invented by Yorkshireman Percy Shaw in the 1930s to help drivers, could be replaced by a tiny hi-tech light, reports the Daily Express -

The new British invention, called a SolarLite, can illuminate a road from dusk to dawn.

A solar-powered light-emitting diode allows drivers to see bends and other hazards up to 1,000 yards ahead, 10 times further than traditional cat's eyes.

It gives them up to 30 seconds to react, compared with just 3.2 seconds now.

The new-style stud is the brainchild of former fireman Martin Dicks, who hit upon the idea while commuting to work in London.

“When I came across fog on the A1 it spurred me on to try to do my bit to help prevent road crashes,” said Mr Dicks.