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Britons who don't know where Jesus was born may know things more important to Jesus


Image: Haworth, Beautiful Britain

The Telegraph reports that 25 percent of Britons who were polled did not know where Jesus was born. A similar percent did not know that an angel had spoken to Mary, nor did they correctly identify Egypt as the country to which Joseph and Mary fled with Jesus after he was born.

It seems to us that many Britons know things about Christmas that are considerably more important to Jesus than knowing that he was born in Bethlehem.

They know about Scrooge, and they do not want to be like him.

They know there are people in need, and they try to help them.

They know they want to share a jolly good dinner with family and friends, something that Jesus always loved to do.

They know that loving family and friends will sometimes mean forgiving, or asking for forgiveness. It is not an easy thing to do, but they believe that Christ will help them if they ask.

They know that children love Christmas, and they try especially to make them happy.

Those are only a few of the important things they know, along with the Christmas customs of the Yule log and mistletoe, Christmas pudding, the Christmas tree and the Christmas wreath, happy dogs, comfortable cats, long walks, lessons and carols, hot chocolate, stockings, Christmas Day services, The Queen’s speech, and gift-giving.

Love and charity, forgiveness and trust, making children happy, sharing good times with friends – these are some of the essential lessons that Jesus taught and that Britons have known for fifteen hundred years, and still know today.