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Remembering Lord Deedes

I came very late to reading Bill Deedes's reports, which he began writing in his seventies, but I instantly liked him, as so many others did. Looking at his photo in today's Telegraph, you see a sweet guy. He was also a brave and sensible one.

When he died, we wrote about him here. On Monday his memorial service will be held in the Guards Chapel.

Though not a Guardsman himself – he served in the King's Royal Rifle Corps – Bill fought alongside Guardsmen after the D-Day landings and won an MC for his bravery.

. . .'I've been living on credit for 60 years,' he would say, 'so I'm not going to start worrying about death now.' At the end of his memoirs, he reminded his readers of Rilke's admonition to his wife: 'Life is magnificent.'

'And that is right,' he said. 'I believe there is a future life, but I do not let that discourage me from trying to get the most out of this one.'

In his own words -