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One ring to rule them all

Saturday Christopher Booker gave a terrific speech to the Bruges Group, which has been published on EUReferendum.

Booker paints in horrific detail how the treaty of Lisbon will allow the EU to swallow the sovereignty of every nation. When the Prime Minister of Britain becomes part of the EU’s new European Council he will be legally bound to represent Europe’s interests, not Britain’s. The people of Britain will not be able to call the European Council to account. They will never be able to change it through a democratic election because they will be “just a small part of a giant one-party state”.

That state “has already shown itself to be stupendously incompetent, corrupt, dishonest and quasi-totalitarian in everything it does”. Booker believes that the only hope of stopping the EU is that the Tories will realize what is at stake and oppose the treaty.

Another hope is that HM The Queen will rise to the occasion and fulfill her Constitutional duty by refusing to give the treaty Her Royal Assent.

The most democratic hope is that the people of Britain will realize their danger and the power they have. Imagine crowds surrounding Brown everywhere he went. Imagine a million people in front of Buckingham Palace. . .