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Hillary Clinton and the House of Commons

Camille Paglia writes,

That compulsive micromanagement, ultimately emanating from Hillary herself, has come back to haunt her in her dismaying inability to field complex unscripted questions in a public forum. The presidential sweepstakes are too harsh an arena for tenderfoot novices. Hillary's much-vaunted 'experience' has evidently not extended to the dynamic give-and-take of authentic debate. The mild challenges she has faced would be pitiful indeed by British standards, which favor a caustic style of witty put-downs that draw applause and gales of laughter in the House of Commons.

La Paglia sees Hillary clearly, but not, perhaps, the House of Commons. In the last ten years the EU has forced more and more legislation on Britain, and House wit has in consequence declined. Wit, after all, likes the real meat of debates, not whipped-air about legislation that has already been decided in Brussels.

Wonderful old House! Time for the British people to clean house.