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National Trust will battle Government


A small green corner of Britain. Mr Brown's wretched government wants hundreds of thousands of new homes to be built on green fields like this every year.

The National Trust, which is one of the largest landowners in Britain, with over 500,000 acres, including 700 miles of coastland, will challenge the Government’s plan for new housing. The Trust “has threatened to buy up greenfield land earmarked for development to stop new housing. The Trust is also preparing to intervene in planning inquiries and challenge new developments, even if it has no direct involvement with the land under threat”.

The Government plans 3 million new homes by the end of the next decade. This will destroy beautiful land that provides breathing space, inspiration, refreshment, and recreation. It is the home of Britain’s wild animals. It is the storied place of Britain's history.

Destroying it, says the Government, is the price that has to be paid for an increasing population. Eight out of ten new houses are required due to population increases from immigrants.

National Trust chairman Sir William Proby promises that the Trust, which has 3.5 million members, “will not sit back and allow the desecration of the green belt or other open spaces. . . We are not against progress. But the sheer scale of what is being contemplated goes way beyond this.”

Development is being pushed through by the Government’s favourite mode of operation – top-down – with ministers giving orders and ignoring local people and their concerns. They created the problem by demolishing border controls and allowing untold numbers of people to enter Britain. Now they expect to solve the problem they created by destroying Britain's green land.

I note that while immigrants are said to contribute to our economy, the percentage they contribute to Britain’s total GDP is almost exactly the same as the percentage of immigrants in the total population. In other words, we are no better off economically, but we are suffering from too many people crowding in.

We are in favour of the National Trust attempting to block new development and preserving the green belts. Some houses have to be built, and brown-field sites should certainly be used first for building. But it is also essential to have effective control of our borders. Most countries have these controls.

If we could apply ourselves to our borders and limit immigration - a simple matter of political will - we would be able to enjoy and share our glorious countryside and conserve it for our children and grandchildren and visitors. And we would have enough houses for our children.

It is nothing short of incredible that a government that calls global warming a crisis of the first magnitude is willing to pave over green country. Makes you wonder, doesn't it.

Do give the National Trust a hand.