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The First Day of the Blitz - New book suggests victory was won in first 12 hours

“On September 7, 1940, the long-feared and anticipated attack by the German Luftwaffe plunged London into a cauldron of fire and devastation”. Accessing previously unpublished information, historian Peter Stansky describes the day in detail, and contends that “The Blitz set in motion a range of responses that contributed to ultimate victory over Germany and to a transformation of British society. The wave of terror, though designed to quash morale, instead inspired stoicism, courage, and a new camaraderie. The tragic London bombing can reveal much of relevance to our own violent times, Stansky concludes: both the effectiveness of modern terror and its ultimate failure are made powerfully clear by the events of September 7, 1940” (Amazon review).

Current reports of violence are grim.

Defeating the terror threat is here.

Book review via Instapundit