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Sir Andrew Green on uncontrolled immigration

Sir Andrew Green has been a voice in the political wilderness. He has spoken for the British people on the problem of uncontrolled immigration and its negative effects on the quality of life in Britain.

He has defied accusations of racism to draw attention to the government’s policies. Today he writes in the Telegraph,

Official figures now indicate that England's population will increase by nearly 16 million by mid century - that is twice the population of Greater London.

This increase will be 90 per cent due to immigration.

These numbers are, frankly, alarming. Our schools and hospitals are already struggling and we have a major housing crisis.

The new projections imply that we will have to build 260 houses every day of the week for the next 20 years just to house new immigrants.

Four years ago Home Secretary Blunkett, speaking for the government, said there was no upper limit to immigration. Today the government seem to have changed their tune, but they have lied so often in the past, it is difficult to believe them. They speak now of changing immigration policy, but if Britain remains part of the EU, the EU will not allow those changes to occur.