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Fly-fishing on the River Itchen
Image: dfa ? 2007

While some head home early to hunt the trout, scientists at the University of Manchester are making advances in regenerating damaged tissue and nerves with stem cells; British art is making a splash at the Royal Academy; Henry V is about to open at Stratford-upon-Avon; young football players are practicing; designers are improving computers, ships, airplanes, and phones; thousands are defending Britain and starting new services and businesses; and millions are raising children, comforting the ill, and working to keep trains, roads, schools, hospitals, cars, gardens, and grocery stores going. Their lovely, generous actions of fellowship every day would fill many unwritten books.

Meanwhile politicians who should be defending the people's liberties are leading them deeper into the morass of the EU and taxing them into perdition. Would it help if the politicos left their round of dinners and found a quiet trout stream to think things through?