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A thousand years of self-government coming to an end?

All the realists predicted it, including Daniel Hannan and Richard North.

Some hoped that Gordon Brown would show some of the courage he wrote about, and reject the EU constitution. But it was not to be.

The BBC Overseas service that provides the news on one of the radio stations here in Portland, Oregon, was nauseatingly excited about the signing of the treaty that is going to remove the last vestiges of democracy and self-determination from our country and its people (and the other 26 EU countries and peoples). For the last few decades the BBC has propagated a fantastical view of reality.

Perhaps that is one reason 2,000 employees, largely from the news division, are about to receive their walking papers. Unhappily the destruction they have caused by incessantly broadcasting their socialist propaganda is all too real.

Imagine if the BBC had told the truth all these years. Imagine if the Beeb had really shown us what it would be like to be ruled by unelected, unsackable bureaucrats. We would understand the pain already being experienced by our fishermen and farmers and small businesspeople due to EU regulations.

The 'treaty' still has to be approved by Parliament. Now is the time to write, email, petition, and show up at the surgeries of every MP.

Nothing concentrates the mind of a MP as the knowledge he may not be reelected. Never has the voice of the people been more important.

Update: Peter Hitchens has advice.