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Unions strike blow for freedom

Delegates at the annual Trades Union Conference overwhelmingly voted that the Prime Minister should give the British people a say in a national vote on the EU reform treaty -

Union leaders, who represent more than one million workers, yesterday accused ministers of "breaking their promises".

Colin Moses, from the Prison Officers Association, said: "We have had a belly full of broken promises and what we have here is another broken promise.

"Promises should not be made in the heat of an election, they should be kept and they should be brave enough to go to the people of this country and ask them.

"And if they say 'no', that should be the answer."

Bob Crow, general secretary of the RMT, added. . .: "We should have the arguments and a full debate. People should be able to decide their own destiny."

We support a referendum to tell the government that the British people do not want the EU constitution and do not want to be part of an EU superstate. However, we hope you'll agree that the sovereignty and freedom of Britain cannot be given away in a referendum or a vote by Parliament.

To do so is unconstitutional according to the British Constitution created by the British people. It is high time we defended our Constitution.