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The Unnatural History of the Sea - new book on restoring fish and fishing

In what is likely to be a controversial book, Callum Roberts calls for closing at least one-third of the seas around Britain and taking fish management out of the hands of government so what has become an ocean wasteland can be renewed.

"Researchers at York have calculated that over the past couple of decades, EU ministers have set quotas every year at 25 to 30 per cent more than fish stocks can stand. He calls it "quota setting by competitive bargaining."

He favours taking the day-to-day management of stocks out of the hands of politicians and putting it in the hands of experts, as the decision to let the Bank of England set interest rates did with the economy."

This is a subject dear to the heart of all those who care about the earth. Cut away the strangling net of the EU and British Government and restore the sea and local fishing.