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The diamond of truth


Australian scientists have just reported in Nature that they have found diamonds almost as old as the Earth, which is believed to be 4.5 billion years old. Other scientists have long believed that diamonds need immense pressure from the planet's tectonic plates to form, and those plates were too thin that long ago.

But perhaps Earth was not the molten ball it was believed to be. Perhaps, says the new report, "the Earth looked similar to the modern Earth much earlier than we thought".

The Science timeline is a rather neat precis of the things discovered and invented by Brits over the last eight hundred years. That is to say it is also a precis of how scientists have changed their minds and come closer to the truth by being more loyal to the truth than anything else, and by being willing to admit they were wrong.

Christopher Booker points out that scientists are still groping toward the truth about global warming. The supposed "facts" are blowing in the wind like dust. Clarity is developing as the facts press with the force of a tectonic plate, slowly but surely.