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If you are going to send them into harm's way, give them the equipment they need

James Lewis writes that Richard North's solitary and relentless blogging campaign to save the lives of British soldiers by giving them the right equipment has begun to pay off. According to the Scotsman,

British soldiers in Afghanistan told yesterday how they emerged unhurt after driving over landmines in new heavily armoured vehicles. Since arriving in Helmand province earlier this year the first of the fleet of Mastiffs have been through four mine strikes and 10 rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) attacks with no casualties. . .It played a key role in launching a push against the Taleban in the Gereshk Valley by driving through a hail of fire to deposit troops safely at a bridge.

If the men had hit an anti-tank mine in a Scimitar, as they so often did in the past, they would have returned to the UK in coffins.

It's tremendous news they are starting to receive the equipment they need. Kudos Richard North & EU Referendum.