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Bill Deedes

I was always so happy to find another column by Bill Deedes in the Telegraph. Secretly I thought he would live to at least 114. I am sad to learn he has just died.

Deedes had a sense of history, partly because he had seen so much of it -in 1935 he covered Mussolini’s imminent attack on Abyssinia. In the Second World War he fought with distinction in the King’s Royal Rifle Corps. He served as an MP, editor of the Telegraph, and columnist, travelling the world and reporting from places as dangerous as Bosnia and Darfur until his death at 94.

He was thoughtful and upbeat. A quote reported in the Telegraph sums up his philosophy - “If you go on court to play tennis, you go to play tennis, not to see if the lines are straight." Photos of him show a man with a lovely smile.

From 1989 Bill Deedes was closely involved with the charity Care, "which brought relief and encouraged self-help among some of the most desperate people in the world".

He will be missed.