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Lovely giving

Yesterday evening the Bensons brought me an armload of Times Literary Supplements and a trifle made with raspberries. How could I be so lucky? The TLS is not as easy to consume as the trifle, but one anecdote, which began a review in the 13 July TLS, caught my eye,

CS Lewis and a friend were once approached by a beggar, who asked for money. Lewis gave the beggar some change. Afterwards his friend reproached him, suggesting that the beggar would certainly spend the money on drink. Lewis's reply was that, if he had kept the money for himself, then he would have spent it on drink instead.

The reviewer goes on to look at a book by Richard Finn, Almsgiving in the Later Roman Empire, and especially Christian forms of redemptive generosity to the poor.

I'd like to see a list of all the people in Britain who have given of their money and themselves to establish hospitals (St Bart’s and St Mary’s), universities (Oxford and Cambridge), public libraries (British Library) and societies for protecting animals (RSPA) and much else. I have a feeling it would be a long and lovely list.