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A review of the early reviews of Harry

The earliest American readers are divided between those readers who find Harry and the Ghastly Hallows "one of the best books of the series", those who find it too dark, and those who are dismayed by plot holes and the absence of love as a force that can overcome evil. Zooks, they even point out spelling and grammatical errors. JK Rowling might want to write her next book online, with her fans.

Alone she has accomplished something very few people could even dream of doing.

Update: Books for Kids applauds Rowling's powers of combination,

Rowling's books are almost primers for English children's literature in the widest sense, combining as they do allusions to folklore, the quest novel, religious allegory and miracle plays, the British fantasy tradition, mythology, the bildungsroman, touches of the humor of boarding school stories, Twain and Dickens, and all that steady stream that flows from Tolkien and Lewis through Cooper and LeGuin. And with that contribution Rowling has earned her place.

Update: The Wall Street Journal editorial page writes in "Harry's Spell",

Harry Potter books carry a strong moral message - of bravery, honesty and loyalty, of the difference between good and evil and the need sometimes for difficult choices and painful sacrifices in the service of something bigger than oneself. These are virtues that apply not just to wizards and witches but to ordinary Muggles. If that message stays with Harry fans as they grow older, that will be truly magic.