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The emperor's new clothes

Richard North writes that Chris Goodall of the Independent has begun to figure out the high costs of reducing carbon for people who like to eat bread and drink milk. All the costs for these items will go up as wheat is diverted from bakers and cows. But it's in a good cause, of course - vast profits for BP, ABF, and DuPont which are building huge refineries to turn wheat into ethanol. Curiously, the ethanol they produce will be more expensive than petroleum fuel, but don't worry, we drivers will pay for that, too.

Carbon reduction is the result of another EU diktat. As Helen Szamuely remarks, this is what occurs when we divest ourselves of democracy and accountability and replace it with managerial governance –

accountability does not matter; democracy does not matter; ability to understand government does not matter; what matters is that it delivers. Delivers what? Ah well, with no accountability, transparency or democracy the aim is defined by the managers and the system delivers on those aims. Neat, eh?

No manager - EU, Soviet or American - can do what a people with democratic institutions can do for themselves.

When Mr Goodall looks at the facts about global warming - the Emperor who didn't wear any clothes because it was too hot - he will have a truly profound article to write.