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Justice in the courts

Dismissing some of the charges, a U.S. jury has convicted Lord Black on fraud and obstruction of justice.

Having extolled this jury earlier, perhaps prematurely, I would not want to rescind my support for them now. They, after all, spent months listening to the evidence, and weeks deliberating on their verdict.

I will observe that Lord Black did not take the stand in his own defence. I cannot imagine not taking the stand in my own defence, and I cannot imagine a jury responding positively to a defendant who did not.

Unsung British people first created jury trials and standards of evidence, cross-examination, and deliberation. In their wisdom and devotion to justice they also established courts in which a defendant could appeal his case. And, since such appeals are useless if judges are biased or bought, they developed safeguards for an independent judiciary.

All these are at stake, or should I say, will have a stake driven through them by the EU should its law become the law in Britain.