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Shock waves of Empire

EU Referendum reports on the shock waves being generated by EU president Jose Barroso's claim that the EU will become an empire with supreme and extensive political domination over Europe.

In contrast, for Thucydides and Henry VIII, empire meant an independent country that owed no allegiance to any foreign superior. This was the word Pericles used to describe Athens and Henry VIII used to describe England when he broke with the Papacy, "This realm of England is an Impire" (Act of Restraint of Appeals, 1533).

If the EU becomes an empire, and Britain remains a member, the EU will have no foreign superior, but Britain will. It will be subjugated to the EU. Subjugation is the plan for Britain's people and customs. Britain's Constitution and the people who gave their lives to establish freedom will be sunk in the dark swamp of the neglected and forgotten past.

In 1765 Blackstone observed in his Commentaries (I, 242) "The legislature. . .uses. . . empire. . .to assert that our king. . .is sovereign and independent within these his dominions." When the EU becomes an empire, and Britain is divided up between the regions of that empire, Britain will no longer have a king or queen, and its people will no longer have a country.

Your Own Choice makes the choice for the British people very clear.