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Harold (Harry) Hoffman’s grandfather fought for Britain in World War I. His father fought for Britain in World War II. Harry is fighting for Britain’s freedom today. A London accountant on the cusp of his seventh decade, Harry has gone online with Britannia Radio.

Harry is opposed to the EU on the grounds he did not vote to be part of an empire. He sees the EU as an attempt by self-righteous globalists to take independence and money from free people. He interviews thinkers all over the world, and makes those interviews available on his website along with provocative videos and news reports.

One of Harry’s favourite quotes is from Cicero, writing about treason from within. One of his favourite expressions is “horse manure”. Given the nature of the times, Harry uses this phrase freely.

You will not agree with every radio interview, video or report that Harry posts, but I think you will find significant material you cannot find elsewhere. He has thought long and hard about the issues that matter.

I asked Harry what motivated him. He answered simply, “So when I meet my Maker I can say I tried.”