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It was a week when we remembered the brave. World War II airmen shot down over France received a commemorative exhibition. The Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Merchant Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force brought the Falklands War to a close June 14, 1982 and returned democratic freedom to the Falkland Islanders. The daring and charismatic Corporal Rodney Wilson came home to his family after giving his life to save one of his Lancers in Iraq.

The 15th of June is "a great day for the British and American constitutions". The knights, barons, clergy, and townspeople of England defied King John and wrote Magna Carta, and we explored what they had done and why. Our series The Knight focused on the tumultous careers of William Marshal and Stephen Langton, two vital players at the time.

Every week it seems we confront the EU and its onerous effects on British prosperity and independence. This week Global Vision released Patrick Minford’s analysis of the EU’s protectionist barriers and their harm to the consumer. Tony Blair reached the end of his tether and ours, and speculation mounted as to what he might sign when he meets with his EU comrades. Will he force Britain into the maw of a superstate that is devouring the freedoms for which British people fought all over the world? Will he do it to gain some personal advantage? We should know June 22 or thereabouts.

Brilliant though he is, the writer Christopher Hitchens, who is now based in the US, has produced a book rife with misstatements about Christianity and its contributions to British history. We linked to a scholar who corrected his mistakes. Orwell reminded us what it meant to be Christian in Britain, and we added a few ideas. Certainly it meant helping others and it did not mean expecting the government to do our helping for us.

Young Lewis Hamilton drove boldly and scientifically and won another grand prix; a trust is renewing the 18th century beauties of Stowe; and The Queen’s Birthday Honours List created celebration and consternation.

May your week be good.