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"A whole greater by far than the sum of its parts"

Lord Tebbit and Andrew Roberts gave speeches that were highly informative and fiery at the Tercentenary Dinner hosted by the Bruges Group.

Lord Tebbit opened by pointing out,

"There are three requirements for a state to exist. It must have a territory. It must have a government and it must have a people – a tribe or perhaps more tribes than one. But a people united by a shared culture and a shared view of the world.

A tribe can exist even without a territory, as the history of the Jewish people reminds us. A government can rule over a territory – but if it is without a people united by a common cause – it cannot survive – Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union are modern testimonies to that. The proposed European Union Republic will be another.

It is for historians to remind us of the struggles within these islands to create a single kingdom – and before that of the struggles to weld together the tribes of England, the tribes of Scotland, of Wales and of Ireland into their kingdoms and then eventually the creation of the United Kingdom. . .Truly this has been a case of the whole being greater by far than the sum of its parts. Now it is under assault."

Historian Andrew Roberts gave the details of the assault. He also noted that the United Kingdom, with 1.3% of the world's population, has created the world's fifth-largest economy.

You can read both speeches here.