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Folding is NOT British form

Five Britons, including a financial expert and four bodyguards, have been kidnapped from Iraq's finance ministry in Baghdad after men masquerading as "police units" arrived in up to 40 police vehicles and sealed off the street outside the ministry. It seems unlikely they are interested in the financial officer for nefarious criminal reasons, but it's possible. Given the size of the operation, the pusillanimous response of the British Government to the earlier kidnapping of Navy personnel by Iran, which invited future kidnappings, and repeated speculation in British newspapers about whether Brown will withdraw British troops from Iraq when he becomes PM, one inference seems reasonable: They are operators funded by Iran, and intend to use their captives to leverage British public opinion to support a pullout.

The captured men are believed to be working for a Canadian company, GardaWorld, and are former British Service personnel. We think they will prove a good deal less complaisant than the young Navy personnel. We are with them in spirit.

Message to the British government: Folding is NOT British form.