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Tony Blair - having it both ways

Tony Blair has just told us, "So the fault is not with our services or, in this instance, with the Home Office. We have chosen as a society to put the civil liberties of the suspect, even if a foreign national, first."

That Tony Blair has done his best to strip Britain of her sovereignty and now makes speeches that the country is unclothed is astonishing.

He has made it impossible for Britain to keep foreign terrorists out or to send them to their native lands or to judge them by Britain's common law because he insists on keeping Britain in the European Union and because his supine Parliament passed the EU's Human Rights Act in 1998. Along with Britain's subjugation to the EU, this Act makes it impossible to treat foreign terror suspects sensibly. You might think they ought to be sent back to their home countries as soon as possible, but not according to the Human Rights Act.

Tony can't have it both ways. He cannot subjugate Britain to the EU and then complain when EU policies hamstring Britain's anti-terror policies.