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Drinks for British soldiers, and thanks

Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit is at the 26th International Space Development Conference in Dallas.

"Last night while hanging out in the bar with Rand Simberg and Dale Amon (of Samizdata), I saw some British soldiers at the other end. I had the waitress send them a round of drinks. She wasn't supposed to tell them who did it, but apparently those guys are good at extracting information and their CO came over to say thanks. He said that it meant a lot to his men: they don't get a lot of support from the public in Britain and that they like it when they're in the U.S. for training, etc., because the American public is more supportive."

The good these soldiers are doing is hardly reported. Reporter Michael Yon writes about two American soldiers in Iraq,

"Both men often lamented to me how frustrating it was to be back home and realize that the average American is not aware of practically any of the progress that has been made in Iraq. Both men darken with something closer to anger when they consider the sacrifices made by fallen soldiers and the fact that while the media most likely counted the deaths in all instances, they also most likely failed to mention any of the good things their fellow soldiers had accomplished while in Iraq."

Our thanks go to the allied soldiers helping the Afghani and Iraqi peoples.