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What magnanimity does not mean

A comment on David's post below –

MAGNANIM'ITY, n. [L. magnanimitas; magnus, great, and animus, mind.] Greatness of mind; that elevation or dignity of soul, which encounters danger and trouble with tranquillity and firmness, which raises the possessor above revenge, and makes him delight in acts of benevolence, which makes him disdain injustice and meanness, and prompts him to sacrifice personal ease, interest and safety for the accomplishment of useful and noble objects. (Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary)

Magnanimity does not mean allowing people who do not believe in the equality of women to flood your country. Magnanimity does not mean allowing people who abhor the right to freedom of religion (and the right to believe in no religion at all) to build Wahhabi mosques funded by Saudi Arabia in your country. Magnanimity does not mean giving welfare cheques and housing to people who intend to replace common law with sharia law in your country.

Magnanimity is founded in remembering who we are and defending our principles.

"Magnanimity is the vertue, whereby man or woman has a discrete doughtynesse. . .to speke or to do that thynge that they ought to do by right and reason. . ." OED, 1531.