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Victoria Day


Victoria was described as "industrious, opinionated, as passionate in private as she was impassive in public, indefatigably procreative and spectacularly long lived" (Niall Ferguson, Empire). In this painting Victoria is on her way to becoming the formidable Queen and Empress of "the most extensive empire in world history”. This would also be the first empire in the world to grant independence and self-rule to its people, who wanted the freedoms that the British people had gained.

Victoria, Australia, Lake Victoria and Victoria Falls in Africa, and Victoria, BC, are all named after her. Canada celebrates the closest Monday to May 24th as Victoria Day in her honour.

Historians have remarked on the prosperity and quality of life in Great Britain and in former colonies such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, which adopted the Westminister model. India also established Westminster-style government, and is becoming a powerhouse.