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Plan to seize Britain's territorial waters

Many people have grown weary trying to bring Britain out of the EU quagmire and back to shore. I have grown weary just writing about it, and you may be tired reading about it. Unfortunately not paying attention is not an option. One person who has not grown weary is Anne Palmer.

Anne has written to protest the EU’s plan to end Britain's sovereignty over her territorial waters and transfer British sovereignty to the EU. The prize includes the seabed, the vital, once-nurturing waters, and everything above the sea within 12 nautical miles of shore. The EU would probably take control over the territorial waters of Britain’s fourteen overseas territories as well, and would attempt to dominate and exploit London’s maritime services industry, the world’s largest, which other European countries would like to reduce while building up their own.

Anne points out that “We ‘shared’ our fishing grounds with the European Community and under their control our fishing grounds have been decimated, so much so that the prediction by Greenpeace is that by 2022 there will be no fish left in our seas. . . Such great Constitutional changes in transferring sovereignty over our Seas and Oceans are absolutely unthinkable. It would be sheer treachery.”

There is no reason to think that the EU, so rife with vested interests, corruption, and a total lack of common sense, will be a positive force for good when it controls Britain's seas. One reason is the type of person who works for Brussels. CS Lewis described him. (See the post below.)

The EU is taking advice on its maritime affairs policy. Send them your opinion before June 30.
Post: European Commission - Maritime Policy Task Force
“Maritime Policy Green Paper”
B-1049 Brussels