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Common sense on the veil

Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer told head teachers that they may insist on a dress code that does not include Islamic dress. This is a small victory for common sense, but if it were not for the Human Rights Act, the whole issue would never have arisen.

The Human Rights Act is, of course, a product of the EU and was completely unnecessary in this country. We already had our human rights protected by common law, trial by jury, habeas corpus, presumption of innocence, and double jeopardy, etc. The EU plans to take these bastions of freedom away and impose corpus juris. There will be little in the Human Rights Act to help us if it does.

After we repeal the European Communities Act so that Britain can leave the EU, I would make the repeal of the Human Rights Act my highest priority. It's too bad that an act which creates so many problems has a name that makes people feel it must be doing something good. Orwellian, indeed.