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Identity fraud

The paper count was done on Friday morning rather than during the night after the election because of new scrutiny of the postal ballots. Invalid or fraudulent ballots have not been a problem in Winchester, but they have been a very serious problem in areas with large Asian populations, as I have previously written. There are, apparently, many ways in which claiming a false identity in Britain can be used to your advantage.

On the Today programme this morning they spoke of criminals who signed up for university courses in order to claim university loans, which they never repaid. Authorities say they have identified 1500 such fraud cases.

"The recent case of Adeleke Adebayo, dubbed 'the fat man' by investigators, finally prompted the education department to introduce stricter rules for would-be students applying for loans.

Despite being 22 stone and 5ft 8in tall, Adebayo, 32, was able to walk around one of the UK's largest universities, London Metropolitan, and enrol for five different degree courses using five bogus identities."

He was not on foot for long, however. He was soon driving a BMW.

The generous British taxpayer seems to have been an easy mark.