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Britain and common law under attack

Leo McKinstry writes,

For centuries, the principle of equality before the law for all citizens has been at the heart of our society.

It has been one of the cornerstones of our liberty, stretching back to the time of Magna Carta.?Now, thanks to the pernicious doctrine of multi--culturalism, it is under attack as never before.

In a political climate of craven appeasement towards Muslim extremism, the Islamification of our country is steadily accelerating.?Across large swathes of urban Britain, Muslim practices, customs, schooling and dress-codes now prevail. But perhaps the most dramatic indicator of this process comes from the West Yorkshire town of Dewsbury, where Muslim elders have decided to set up their own Islamic court to impose Sharia law in civil disputes within their communities.

Listening to Thought for the Day I heard a Muslim chaplain say that Muslims comprised only 3% of the population in Britain. Somehow they manage to dominate the news, however.

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