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69% want referendum on looser relationship with EU

A new ICM poll commissioned by Global Vision, the new business backed Eurosceptic campaign group, indicates that the majority of people want a change in the relationship between the UK and EU.

They were asked, “Do you think there should or should not be a referendum on the proposal that Britain should have a looser relationship with Europe, maintaining free trade and cooperation on common policies, but opting out of political and economic integration?”

69% said ‘yes’. An overwhelming 75% of those aged 18-24 said that there should be a referendum.

As we have noted here repeatedly, a majority of Britons want to vote on a looser arrangement.

In an article in The Sunday Telegraph on 29 April, Ruth Lea, Director of Global Vision, backs the ICM findings and argues that the British people should be given the chance to not only vote in a referendum on any new treaty, but on Britain’s relationship as a whole.

“It is clear from these results," Lea said, "that the wish to fundamentally change Britain’s relationship with the EU is the majority view. It is not an ‘extremist’ view.”

She went on to say, “Britain can have a wonderful future, but it must be freed from the EU’s political and regulatory shackles.”

Parliament has to act. Keep nudging and pushing your MP.