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Bear Grylls's Next Challenge

Bear Grylls did not need to read The Dangerous Book for Boys. (See David's post below.) In his early twenties he spent several years fighting poachers in Africa with British Special Forces. When his chute didn’t open, he crashed and broke his back in three places, but remained determined he would fulfill his childhood dream to climb Everest.

Despite pain and despair, Bear persevered in recovery, and in 1998 joined a team tackling the mountain. The ascent took 90 days in extreme weather, limited oxygen, and little sleep. During a reconnaissance climb, the perilous Khumbu Icefall cracked, sending Bear plummeting into a 19,000 foot deep crevasse. Knocked unconscious he came to swinging on the end of a rope, and was rescued by his tenacious teammates. Twenty-three years old he became the youngest Briton ever to climb Everest. His book about the experience became a bestseller.

Bear continues to challenge his ability to survive in the wild, and is host of a show on Discovery. He made a foray across the Arctic Ocean in an open boat in 2003. In 2005, to raise money for charity, he set the record for the world's highest open air dinner party, slung under a hot-air balloon at 25,000 feet.

In May, Bear will gear up with a paramotor, a large parachute and a tiny motor, and try to clear Everest flying like a very fast bird at 150 mph. He and his partner aim to avoid Everest’s wild vortex of winds.

I guess I sound like a girl, but this time I wish he'd stay home.