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We saw Brits flying blind, reaching for the stars, and travelling in Iran. We heard them talking about immigration.

Entrepreneurship was on display in Sunseeker. Discovery was the theme of Sutton Hoo and a land under the North Sea. Virtue , sometime to be rediscovered, was also a subject. Great Britons went on exhibit at the Smithsonian. Julie Christie opened in a new film. Like her earlier films, it reflects the times.

Nigel Cliff reviewing The Shakespeare Riots remarked, “It is hard to believe, but is nonetheless true, that the words of Shakespeare meant more to 18th- and 19th-century America than those of any other author, except the Bible’s. . .We made him our own around campfires, in barrooms, on riverboats and within tents along the farthest reaches of the West.”

One reason may be that Shakespeare was happy with words that describe action.

Contrary to received opinion, St George is perfectly suited to be patron saint. Some of his qualities were visible in the MPs and MEPS defending freedom of information and opposing the tyranny of EU aggression. A British Muslim who understands British values better than many politicians declared his allegiance to them. A former country magistrate explained the odious aspects of the EU’s Corpus Juris and what it may mean for you. And CS Lewis reminded us that being able to have your civil case heard in court and free of bribes is something we shouldn’t take for granted.

We noted that the response of an Anglo-Saxon princess to the veil and the leadership of 12th century British women have modern implications. We observed that the phantastical beauties of Welsh medieval literature and the bards’ love of freedom are grounded in nature and country. We celebrated, but could not do justice to, 100 years of Scouting.

I suggested that the British Constitution may be a bit disheveled, but it exists. What it needs is some expert condensing.

Sometimes the only response to courage is silence – they gathered at dawn - on ANZAC Day.