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Playing Games

“When you turn 30 you get a five-wood, when you turn 40 you get a seven-wood, when you turn 50 you get a nine-wood.” At least you do if you play golf and are following Tiger Woods’ suggestions. For those who like to watch the game,

. . .the gold high point of the day was watching Mr Woods lace 270-yard, three-wood stingers into powerful headwinds. The sound and power of those shots were startling. ‘This one I don’t want to climb more than head-high,’ he explained before one, and it didn’t.’” John Paul Newport writing in the Wall Street Journal, 28 April 2007, from Oakmont, Pa.

At the Pentagon, responding to a question at a DoD News Briefing on 26 April, Gen. Petraeus observed that he and a Washington Post reporter had recently flown all around Baghdad, a city of 7 million people who were determined to carry on with their life despite car bombings. It was dusk, and this was a day when there had been a car bomb,

“. . .but you could not have told that from what we saw over the city. There were three big amusement parks operational. I'm talking about, you know, roller coaster kinds of – these are not just a couple little merry-go-rounds in small neighborhood parks. Restaurants in some parts of the city were booming. Lots of markets were open. The people were on the street. There were – there had to be a thousand soccer games ongoing. They're watering the grass in various professional soccer fields. . .

Glad to hear it, since I never do hear this on the nightly news.

Life would be a lot less fun without British games.