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Talking about immigration is a start

The Guardian has started a feature on great speeches that have made a difference. I believe it began on Saturday with Churchill’s “We shall fight them on the beaches”. Delivered with the paper was an 18-page printed booklet with a full text of the speech and a forward by historian Simon Schama.

A different kind of invasion is described in the Daily Express and other papers. Social policy think-tank Civitas has just published David Conway's “Nation Of Immigrants?” Conway writes,

“As a direct result of the policies of the present Government, which amount to a virtual abandonment of the control of our borders, immigration is now running at levels which have never been seen before in our history.

. . .Those for whom this country has always been a model of tolerance and freedom cannot but have cause for deep concern about the seemingly reckless pace and scale on which immigration has recently been allowed to proceed.

. . .Fast-growing, segregated enclaves across the country do not accept our values.”

The Mail notes that the report comes days after Immigration Minister Liam Byrne admitted mass migration had left Britain “deeply unsettled”. Labour’s open-door policy was hitting the poorest areas, and public services could not keep up with the huge influx.

Political correctness stifled discussion for a long time. Talking about immigration is a start, and an indication how serious the problem is.