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National Committee for a Referendum & Global Vision protest Blair's attempt to scuttle referendum

The Freedom Association reports that “a cross-party National Committee for a Referendum (NCR) of MPs, MEPs and Peers branded the Prime Minister an "anti-democratic disgrace" today, as Mr Blair backpedalled on his pledge of a referendum on the EU Constitution. In interviews supplied to numerous media outlets Mr Blair said he would be happy to see a Constitution negotiated in secret and passed without consulting the British people, despite the fact that it would give the EU further powers, including over law and order, introduce an EU President and an EU Foreign Minister and limit Britain's veto rights.”

Global Vision, the new business-backed campaign calling for a looser relationship between the UK and EU, insists that any new European treaty must be put to the British electorate in a referendum.

Ruth Lea, Director of Global Vision, pointed out that "every treaty means further political integration in Europe and it is disingenuous or dishonest to suggest otherwise. The Prime Minister knows this. The British people are entitled to the referendum they were promised."