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Winchester man defends front garden

This is not a political blog, though you might, with good reason, have sometimes thought it was. I certainly have strong views on many political issues, but I do not support any political party on the website. I have recommended certain members of the Conservative Party, UK Independence Party, and some political people who are independents. I have even admired and applauded one or two Labour politicians.

What I have tried to do is to support major political themes such as limited government and property rights. They are so important, but often their defence has to take place in the small space of your front garden.

I am standing for the Winchester City Council in the May 3rd elections. My simple pamphlet says it’s time that Winchester City Councillors return to being our servants rather than our masters. The importance of this idea came into sharp relief at the front door of a modest house belonging to a Winchester resident. He told me that while he was on holiday, the Council had erected a bus stop sign in his front garden. He returned, was flabbergasted, and immediately protested. “But it’s for the good of the community,” the Council said.

“But it’s my land,” he replied, “and you didn’t even ask.” Twenty-five calls later and with the help of a solicitor, the Council agreed to remove the sign. This was a small triumph for property rights.

A trivial incident, perhaps, but it is all too typical of the high-handed attitude that people at various levels of government hold toward us. They have forgotten that no one is above the law.

I applaud this man for having the tenacity to stand up for his rights, because it is only by doing this at every turn that we are going to rein in the city halls and Westminster, and return them to working for us, the people, rather than we working for them. The EU, as you know, is another matter. To restore representation at Westminster, London has to be liberated from Brussels.


As The Freedom Network suggests, freedoms do not survive alone.