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The Navy questions we want to hear discussed in Parliament

Getting to the bottom of who allowed the 15 sailors to sell their stories seems like a rather small fish to fry to me. I imagine we are hearing about it because the media finds anything about itself fascinating. Or perhaps, unable to face the facts of a spectacularly unnecessary catastrophe, we transfer our anger to matters of less importance. We have all seen people struggling with the grief of loss lash out at a relative who commits a peccadillo at a funeral.

Many honourable Navy men and women and many citizens are fuming at the spectacle that has played out over the last month. We want to know whether the Navy failed to properly protect personnel from Iranian piracy. We want to know whether this event points to wider problems in training. Has this government provided sufficient funds so the Navy is properly equipped and attracts the most qualified persons? The government plans the EU will swallow the United Kingdom's Armed Forces. Has this plan and the huge sums sent to the EU for ships to be owned and run by the EU gravely damaged the Navy? I believe it has.

Iran's piracy deserves more attention, too. How will the government better protect against attacks in the future, which are likely. Can Iran be held accountable for its actions? In what ways?

That is the discussion we want to hear. Get a grip, Navy. Tell us what went wrong, and why. Hold operational commanders responsible if they were. And tell the nation how the government is deliberately sinking you.