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Lord Black in Chicago with Mark Steyn

I mentioned a week ago that Mark Steyn is covering Lord Black’s trial in Chicago. I am always sorry when someone I believe is innocent is caught in the maw of the courts and all my high expectations of Anglo-American justice meet their premature demise. If you are surprised that I think Conrad Black is innocent of the charges, I can’t help it. Contrary to the federal prosecutors, their own witnesses make clear that it was neither criminal nor extraordinary that the only person from whom the buyers of Hollinger's newspapers wanted a non-compete agreement was Lord Black. Whatever the feds may think, newspaper production is not like producing refrigerators, or it shouldn’t be. You may not be persuaded of Black’s innocence when you read Mark Steyn’s courtroom reports, but you are likely to be amused. You may also be indignant that the whole worth of a Canadian company has been negligently, perhaps willfully, destroyed. (If you have not yet plunged into Steyn’s blog in MacLeans, go to the bottom to read it.)

My guess about the trial is that the jurors will do what they have been doing for hundreds of years – they will declare an innocent man innocent.