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Cannot defend ourselves, or will not?

The sailors held captive by Iran, the headmaster attacked as he tried to defend a boy, the families attacked in their homes in Britain and on the streets of London share three characteristics. They are mainly British, they are defenceless, and the government tells them that if they try to defend themselves too strenuously they will be prosecuted.

In the last section of our series on abolishing slavery, we noted the contribution made to abolition by slave uprisings. Many of the slaves were Christians, but though “Jesus had advised ‘turning the other cheek’ when your cheek was slapped, to enslave another was to do more than slap a cheek, and the slaves could not believe that Christ wanted them to suffer and die unto the last generation without defending themselves.” There is no one, I suppose, so politically correct as to believe that the slaves should not have tried to defend themselves and end their oppression. But what of the farm family whose home is invaded by strangers? Should they meekly sit down and hope they will only be robbed, and not raped and murdered?

To be a victim or to let others be victimized is not part of our history or our Judaeo-Christian culture. Yet it is the mindless mantra of our nanny government, and is being imposed on us in thousands of large and small ways.

Item - According to 18 Doughty Street and the Manifesto Club, “the government’s heavy-handed approach to ‘safeguarding’ children is resulting in teenagers and children being banned from model flying and other hobby clubs up and down the country”.

Item - For the first time in over two thousand years we have allowed a government to tell us that we cannot defend ourselves. This is deemed to be progress even though armed invasions of homes are on the rise.

Item - The government does not support the Armed Forces.

History shows that the ability of law-abiding persons to be armed and to defend themselves is a deterrent to crime. History also shows that a properly supplied and trained Royal Navy is unlikely to be taken captive.

The violent will take certain lessons from these indicators. They will assume that we cannot defend ourselves. The truth of late is that we will not.