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The British people are not amused

On this day in 1581 Queen Elizabeth I knighted Francis Drake aboard his ship the Golden Hind when he returned to England after his successful circumnavigation of the world. On this day in 1949, twelve Western nations including Great Britain founded the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to establish collective self-defence against aggression.

Individual self-confidence and responsibility sent Drake around the world. Britain's national self-confidence and sense of responsibility to other nations helped to build NATO, which was successful in shielding Europe from Soviet aggression for 50 years.

The present British government has intentionally attacked individual enterprise by increasing taxes and enlarging the number of government workers. It has intentionally subverted national self-respect by decimating Britain’s armed forces. It has wasted billions on Europe, which did not lift a finger to help our fifteen sailors and Marines, held hostage by Iran.

The government's refusal to fund our defence made our service people sitting ducks. Its supine response to Iran will embolden aggressors and ensure that more hostages will be taken in future. We act as if we are weak, and then, surprise, we are taken for weaklings. The British people are not amused.

Thanks to On this Day for the timely reminders.