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British anthropologist studies assmiliation

Stanley Kurtz describes British social anthropologist Roger Ballard's insightful, decades-long work into Muslim and non-Muslim immigrant assimilation in Britain. Ballard has observed that a Muslim preference for marriage with cousins has walled off Muslim immigrants in Britain.

Ballard, who directs the Centre for Applied South Asian Studies at England’s University of Manchester, also points out that most SE Asian immigrants to Britain are from the Punjab and that despite many similarities, “the position of Punjabi Muslim, Sikh, and Hindu immigrants in Britain dramatically differs.” Among the possible reasons for the better educated, better assimilated and more prosperous Punjabi Hindus are cultural attitudes. Cousin or kinship marriage appears to be one key variable.

We wrote in Defeating Threats to Freedom that the Church prohibited cousin marriage in Europe centuries ago for very good reasons, and that laws that forbid cousin marriage should be introduced or enforced today.