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Skeptics on global warming take NY vote; time to tackle real problems

The US Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works reports that global warming skeptics, including witty University of London emeritus professor Philip Stott, persuaded a tough liberal audience of New Yorkers to support the skeptical scientific view.

Before the start of the nearly two hour debate the audience polled 57.3% to 29.9% in favor of believing that Global Warming was a “crisis”, but following the debate the numbers completely flipped to 46.2% to 42.2% in favor of the skeptical point of view.

The mutliple problems with the idea of human caused global warming are clearly explained in UK Channel 4's Global Warming Scandal, which you can view here. (Scroll down to play video.)

Now, could we get back to tackling the real problems we have, including pollution, energy needs, education, and freedom from violent Islamists and the EU superstate?