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The Lords

"There's many a slip between the cup and the lip." This is a phrase I've often heard from David, though not specifically about the House of Lords. As you know by now, MPs in the House of Commons voted for an all-elected House of Lords. The vote was not binding, but "indicates" what may transpire in future. Since so many of the masters of the present House of Commons hail from Scotland, we have linked to the Scotsman for details.

The House of Lords has had admirers and detractors. Recently it has seemed to hold the only sensible heads in Parliament on the question of the EU. This may be because the Peers, Life and Hereditary, have had so much real-life experience. In contrast, the House of Commons seems to be overflowing with MPs who have never farmed, fished, run a business, built a house or done anything much except stand for Parliament and pass into British law the thoughtless and frequently oppressive regulations arriving from Brussels.