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For those with NHS concerns

In America, there is something like the NHS in Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals. Today American Ron Bailey writes,

You Wonder What Universal Government Health Care Might Look Like. . .

Well, look no further than the scandalous mess at Walter Reed Army Hospital. Crappy hospitals, endless waits, mountains of paperwork and, at the end of the day, no real accountability from the people who run the joint. Folks, if the government can't or won't take good care of our injured soldiers, what makes you think that it will take good care of little Sally or Uncle Bill?

And just as tragically, these hospitals are no good for the hardworking staff in them. Brits have contributed countless medical innovations. They know how to run hospitals well. For reasons that are psychological and practical, a government monopoly cannot provide good health care. Trying to get a government monopoly to do the job is like rolling a boulder up the hill with Sisyphus. Good, affordable health care is possible, but it cannot be organised by a government monopoly. More on the alternative coming soon.

Thanks to Instapundit for the tip.