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Brits Week in Review

Last week we featured ideas that sizzle. You may be interested in more money and less red tape; Roberts’ new history of the 20th century, which describes a formula for success; the life-enhancing achievements of true liberalism; the connection between freedom and property rights (from Domesday to digital cameras); the British hedgehog’s one big (and extremely beneficial) idea; the importance of police not being controlled by the government; and the contribution made by the historic counties. For an excellent review of the EU's latest madness, read SOS.

For those who like sizzling dresses we suggest award-winning Helen Mirren. For those interested in scientific advances, there is making the impossible real and the last service of Sir Mark Sykes. For heroes we give you George Hogg. For explorers, a British spelunker.

We featured two members of the Fellowship to abolish slavery – William Wilberforce and Olaudah Equiano, one rich, the other a slave, each passionate about freedom.

We noted the discovery of a Roman coin suggests that trade between Cornwall and the Mediterranean occurred as early as the second century BC. In an unintended association, we also covered a modern global trade shift (shift happens). For any or all of these posts, scroll down or head into archives.

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