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Amazing Grace


William ‘Wilber’ Wilberforce is the hero of Amazing Grace. The movie, directed by Michael Apted, has just opened. Welshman Ioan Gruffudd plays Wilberforce.

The movie trailer is here.

We love Wilber, and see him as a key member of the Fellowship to abolish the slave trade and slavery around the world. Tomorrow we’ll post on Thomas Clarkson. Without him and other members of the Fellowship, Wilber could never have achieved what he did. On Monday we’ll post on Wilber.

Here are some interesting thoughts from author Eric Metaxas who wrote the book Amazing Grace:

One needs a core. If one is merely a “party man” one cannot succeed any more than one who governs by poll or focus groups. Wilberforce was an exceedingly canny politician, and he understood the political process brilliantly — but at the end of the day, he played to a constituency of One. And it needs to be said that he did it with the very greatest humility, not with any sort of moralistic or triumphalist arrogance.

He had a “. . .genuine heart for the poor and suffering. He was also indefatigably charming and brilliant and winsome, full of joy and energy and grace. There was no dourness or Pharisaism in him, and he really represented a new model of what it was to take one’s faith in Christ seriously. Everyone in society angled to have him at their parties — though he usually declined. But most everyone saw the love of Christ in him, which is impossible to fake.